April 24, 1915

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There was no massacre or bloodshed on April 24, 1915...

After numerous Armenian rebellions for the decades leading up to 1915 and Armenian massacres of tens of thousands of Turks, the government informed the high-level Armenian representatives that the “Government will take the necessary precautions if Armenians continue to backstab and assassinate the Turks.”

Unfortunately, this warning was ignored by the Armenian rebels, who increased their attacks upon defenseless Turkish women and children.

On April 24, 1915, the government closed the Armenian Committees and arrested – not killed or massacred – more than 2,300 Armenian leaders for carrying out these crimes against the government.

The rememberance of April 24 as the day that the so-called “Armenian Genocide” began is but one of many efforts to propagandize and distort history by the Armenian diaspora.

Armenian terror organization Hunchakian's party programme.

Armenian terror organization Hunchakian's party programme.