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About Us

Fact Check Armenia is a website dedicated to exposing the real story about what happened in and before 1915. For too long, the Armenian diaspora has been a loud voice presenting its own version about what happened during these tragic events while neglecting the desperate situation their country finds itself in today.

Fact Check Armenia is dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information to the world about the events that led up to and during 1915. It provides historical data on the Armenian uprisings that gave way to the Ottoman Turks’ actions and counters Armenian misinformation.


The U.S. based, well-funded Armenian diaspora has a long history of engaging in million dollar public relations campaigns that pressure politicians to believe their allegations about events that occurred more than 100 years ago are historical facts.

To counter this false accusations and revisionist history, Fact Check Armenia produced ads in U.S. newspapers that quoted directly from the first Armenian prime minister, Hovhannes Katchaznouni, and his manifesto that proves the events of 1915 do not amount to “genocide.” This manifesto can be found in major U.S. libraries, the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., and on our website www.factcheckarmenia.com

One of the prime minister’s quotes clearly demonstrates that Armenian’s instigated the conflict and then refused peaceful negotiations, “When the skirmishes had started the Turks proposed that we meet and confer. We did not do so an defied them.” The Armenian diaspora have tried to remove all copies of this manifesto because it invalidates their claims.

The Armenian diaspora, with its strong organizational and well-funded structure, threatens media outlets and force them take down our ads that counter their claims. Some weak-hearted media outlets cave to the Armenian diaspora’s demands to hide the truth and stand against freedom of speech, but many media outlets continue to keep our ads in place. The Armenian diaspora, which far exceeds our funding capacity, is using force to stop our voices from being heard. However, we wholeheartedly believe that these political decisions, are political and will not change the history.

We are asking the Armenian diaspora: Why are you standing in the way of the peace and truth? Why are you against establishing an International History Committee, comprised of independent and respected historians, that Turkey has been requesting for years? As Turkish-Americans, we are against forced political decision imposed by the Armenian diaspora. History cannot be written by people who have their own agendas. This is the strategy that Armenian diaspora has been using for 100 years.

We know Armenia will not behave accordingly on this subject, but we insist on inviting them: Let’s come together and pave the way for an International History Committee. We urge Armenia to open their archives, as Turkey has opened their, and create a path to a mutual achieve research that leads both sides to accept the result.

Let’s seek the truth not false accusation.